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Annual Disclaimer Form

Exclusion of Liability, Release and Assumption of Risk


I apply to KORC Sport Ltd for the permission to enter and use the property known as Kirton Off-Road Centre for the purpose of driving a 4x4 Vehicle or Riding and enduro/Quad bike/motocross bike or riding a mountain bike in private parctice/testing/pay & play days conducted at the off-road centre/pay & play area and for the purpose of taking part as an official, spectator or mechanic in connection with any of these activities whilst at Kirton Off-Road Centre.


In exchange for being able to attend the Kirton Off-Road Centre and participate in the activity (whether as a driver, rider, official, spectator or mechanic), I agree:

1.  To release KORC Sport Ltd, promotoers, sponsor organisations, land oners and lesees, organisers of the event, their respective servants, officials, representatives and agents (collectively, the 'Associate Entities') from all liability for my death, personal injury (including burns), psychological trauna, loss or damage (including property/vehicle damage) ('harm') howsoever arising from my attendance at Kirton Off-Road Centre and participation in the activity, except to the extent prohibited by law;

2. that KORC Sport Ltd do not make any warranty, implied or express, that the activity services will be provided with due care and skill or that any materials provided in connection with the services will be fit for the purpose for which they are supplied;

3.  indemnify, and keep indemnified, KORC Sport Ltd and the Associate Entities in respect of any actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, penalties and fines as a result of in in connection with the activity whether caused or contributed to by any act or omission (including negligence) of KORC Sport Ltd or the Associated Entities and to attend to the Circuit or participate in any activity at their own risk.

I Acknowledge that:

The risks associated with attending Kirton Off-Road Centre/MTB Pay & Play centre or participating in the activity include the risk that I may suffer harm as a result of:

1.  Motor Vehicles/MTBs (or parts of them) colliding with other motor vehicles, persons or property;

2.  acts of violoence and other harmful acts (whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons attending the circuit or participating in the activity; and

3.  the failure or unsuitability of facilities to ensure the safety of persons or property at the Centre;

4.  Motorsport/MTB sports are dangerous and that accidents causing harm can and do happen and may happen to me.

The act of signing in electronically using KORC Sport Ltd's software confirms that I accept the conditions of this disclaimer and the sites rukes as published on the website at www.korc.co.uk on behalf of myself any any persons in my party, I hereby agree that it is my responsibility to ensure that both myself and members of my group acknowledge the risks arising from ateending Kirton Off-Road Centre/MTB pay and play centre or participating in the activity and being provided with the activity services by KORC Sport Ltd and the Associate Entities.